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Just gonna say i rarely think about writing anything on a journal, only because i don't think about it/ just doesn't seem like a significant thing to be doing.

So for now i'll try to remember some stuff to jot down here.

September, was mildly disappointed.  Month of my birthday i go out of my way it seemed to try and have more fun than i feel i should be having.  Sadly not much of that really ever goes the way i wanted it to, like usual.  Try to visit mom for my birthday vacation, but she needed to head over to Atlanta to try and get some form of business ideas going for her.  Can't really be helped on that but then i just was at home the whole time.  I tried to invite some co-workers over for a birthday dinner but they never got to make it in.  Battle for Zendikar, latest Magic card set, the prerelease happened and despite what i learned i failed horribly in the tournament.  All in all the month had me in a somewhat.. edgy mood.

Speaking of Magic, because the old sets have been rotated out my favorite deck lost about half of its good utility / lands and now all of a sudden you have to have all these expensive lands to even work well.  This puts me in a sour mood that i'm not sure i can justify logically, since it's a matter of money and lacking the newer cards.

So October rolls in and it doesn't really put me in a better mood.  Hard to remember anything significant, but i'm having to close about two nights a week because manager allows the other closer to try and be a decorator.  Emphasis on try, being about as useful as a cat on guard duty in that regard.  Halloween came along and i had to close that night, so i couldn't have some enjoyment in handing out handfuls of candy to whomever comes to my door dressed in an Iron Man mask and Iron Man Apron (as the Iron Chef, hurr hurr).  And then there's the ... sigh... Use of the word 'spoopy' for anything remotely scary on the internet.  Such an annoyance.

But did have some good things going.  I reunited with an Aunt i hadn't seen in some years and find out she lives nearby so we could visit and have a meal together with some other family members she has living with her.  I also have been doing videos of unboxing some monthly box subscriptions.  One brick/lego inspired and several Magic booster boxes, and a Loot Crate box so far.  Kinda fun to show off and put on Youtube.

And now there's this month, November.  Positive news is that i'm barely hearing anything about a Movember.  Thanksgiving should hopefully be really fun with family.  We'll be going to someone else's house instead of doing it at Mom's house.

Then there's Undertale.  Released in September just two days before my birthday... that should have been the sign for me to just go and buy it when the time came for me because there has been nothing but good things to learn of this game.  All the music i listened to, all the let's plays i have seen just really made me break down and wanted to play it myself.

So i bought it and the soundtrack, last week.  Full price. No sale.  Rarely do i ever go and buy a game full price.  But when you play it and experience all the work that's been put to it on the characters and the moral choices you could make for it, it's worth so much more than the $10 i paid for the game. Toby Fox, the creater, deserves all the attention he can get for making such a thoughtful, powerful experience.  And all the money he can.

I hope his team can try to make another game in the future, spending the same amount of care and love to create such a masterpiece of the heart, and soul.

With determination.


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Hello there.

Current Residence: oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: anything with a beat
Operating System: XP
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Wallpaper of choice: the ones i get from donating to webcomics
Skin of choice: something moisturized
Favourite cartoon character: more like characters: The Centurions!

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